Talmadge Hall at Enterprise State Community College is back in service

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ENTERPRISE Ala.(WTVY)- Talmadge Hall at Enterprise State Community College just received a facelift, and faculty and students are already enjoying the new building.

Talmadge Hall has been under renovations for a few months, and now it's back up and running.

The renovations were due to an HVAC issue and now the building has new technology and appliances.

Enterprise State Community College Dean of Students Olivier Charles said, “There is new furniture in every single classroom throughout the building and we upgraded each classroom with new technology. Smart podiums in each classroom so rather our instructors bringing in their computers to teach they can plug and play with flash drives or use it from a shared drive, and just come to the classroom prepared to teach."

Talmadge Hall is just the beginning of more campus improvement projects slated for ESCC.

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