Officers' "partners in crime" from all over the nation train in Dothan

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Teaching a dog a new trick is one thing, but training one to help officers find missing people, apprehend fugitives, and detect drugs is another.

To improve these skills, the Dothan Police Department is holding its Annual K-9 Seminar for its 9 units.

“Our 9th dog is specially trained for the explosive detection area as well, so we have a bomb and explosive dog as well as narcotics and apprehension dogs,” says Dothan Police Lieutenant Rachel David.

About 50 k-9 units and 10 trainers from all over the US are getting in on the action alongside Dothan’s 9 units and 2 trainers.

“Each year it has gotten a little more notoriety, a little more interest people following seeing the training we're doing, and each year new teams come and they go home and they talk about the training quality they received. Typically they return and they bring two or three teams with them,” says David.

Units came all over and as far as New Jersey, but they all have the same goal of providing better service to communities.

“Having top-trained dogs we are able to effectively do those duties for k-9s is one of the most important things that we offer to the citizens of Dothan, so we take our training very very seriously,” says David.

The training is held at various locations throughout the city.

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