Next phase of clean-up at former Tri-States Plant Food facility

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — Work has begun on the next phase of clean-up at the former Tri-States Plant Food site located on East Burdeshaw Street. Project contractors have begun the process of removing contaminated soil in order to replace it with clean soil. All existing concrete foundations will be removed and the site will be regraded. In addition, all soil removed from the site will be tested and disposed of at an ADEM approved facility by environmental contractors hired by the property owner. The soil removal and replacement project will result in a significant improvement in the environmental condition of the site.

The former Tri-States Plant Food is under an approved Environmental Corrective Action Plan with oversight by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. The site’s property owners are continuing to fund clean-up activities in an effort to achieve environmental remediation. Once achieved, the site can be considered for future development opportunities.

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