New technology unveiled at Todd Farms

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Joe Todd is a fifth-generation syrup maker.

“I made the commitment to everybody that here at Todd Farms you would be able to buy everything you need to make syrup with,” said Todd.

Each year, Todd hosts the Southeastern Syrup Making and Field Day. This year, he’s unveiling a new innovation - the first cane mill produced since 1941 for farm use in the U.S. manufactured in the U.S.

It’s called the Todd Mill.

“I think the surprise of my life is to see my name on that mill right there,” said Todd.

It’s a new electric-powered cane mill. The brainchild of Todd and two local machine and metal fabricators.

“It can be taken out into the field and hooked up with a one-ten generator direct drive and run all day as much as they need to,” said Steve Robison of Industrial Metal Works.

“It’s just an electric motor and a button instead of having to manually turn it or use a horse or a mull or whatever they’ve used in the past,” said Troy Hahn, owner of Get Bent Off Road.

Unlike older cane mills, this prototype is portable and efficient. Two people can pick it up, put it on a trailer, and take it anywhere. It’ll produce a gallon of sugar cane juice a minute.

The goal is for this new cane mill to press four stalks at once.

And word has gotten out – Todd Farms is already taking pre-orders for this motorized machine that bears Todd’s name.

“This is a good for me to see this come full circle for our family.”

Several South American companies have already expressed interest in the electric-powered cane mill.

Todd Farms has also developed a new cane harvester they are working to patent.

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