New seat belt law goes into effect next month

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- In just a few short weeks, Alabama drivers will have yet another reason to buckle up.

Starting September 1st, the Roderic Deshaun Scott Seat Belt Safety Act will go into effect.

The law extends the current safety belt law, which requires the driver and front seat passengers to wear a seat belt, to back seat passengers, as well.

The new law will be a secondary violation, meaning the driver of the vehicle must be stopped for a separate offense before anyone would be ticketed.

Dothan Police sergeant, Chris Watson, said the law will keep everyone in a moving vehicle safe.

"Over 37,000 fatalities across the nation, 47% of them were seat belt related — that they didn't have a seat belt on, and the majority of them were in the back seat,” said Watson.

“I've actually personally worked a couple of them myself in my career, and where the back seat passengers that weren't buckled in, were the ones that passed away at the scene," Watson said.

Starting September 1st, anyone in a vehicle who is 16 years old or older, who is caught not wearing a seat belt could receive at ticket, which could cost up to $60.

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