New kitchen for Vivian B. Adams is complete

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) -- There will soon be a few extra hands in the kitchen at Vivian B. Adams.

Newly renovated kitchen at Vivian B. Adams

Vivian B. Adams was awarded a grant by All In Credit Union and already knew what they wanted to do with the money.

"We were looking at our kitchen knowing we needed to renovate our space,” Vivian B. Adams Resource Coordinator Susan Owens said. “It was not handicap accessible and we could see the need for a more accessible space for our individuals."

Thanks to the $44,900 grant from All In Credit Union the renovation started.

"We saw their project,” All In Credit Union Vice President of Marketing Kathy Scarbrough said. “We saw the detail. We saw the potential for what this program could do not only for the students here but for the community."

After months of tearing out the old kitchen, the new kitchen is now complete.

"Beginning tomorrow we'll open up with our sign-up sheet,” Owens added. “Every department will have opportunity to use the kitchen."

The previous kitchen was built in the 1980s and not handicap friendly.

"The biggest change is just being able to access this for everyone and not just a few that are on 2 feet and of regular height," Owens said.

The All-In Culinary Arts Center here at Vivian B Adams has one dishwasher, two ovens, two microwaves, 33 cabinets, 37 drawers, three stoves, four sinks and a French door refrigerator freezer and the kitchen isn't just for the school.

"If we have a group in the community such as our dietitians that might want to do diabetic or heart healthy classes this is a space that we will offer them to use," Owens said.

Vivian B. Adams has its own garden and plans to do a "farm to fork" program for students.

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