New baristas on the block

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ENTERPRISE, AL. (WTVY) - Introducing Coffee Cats Cafe Baristas…A vision that's been in the works for a little over a year now at Enterprise High School.

Taylor Hill, Special Education Teacher at Enterprise High School, says the school “got a grant last year that the teacher that was in this room and she got all these supplies for us and it never got started with the students. So, this year we got the students involved and we're starting to make coffee for the faculty and staff here."

The purpose is to get students out and about within the school.

Michele Sexson, Paraprofessional/Special Education Teacher at Enterprise High School, says "They love it. It's really teaching them a lot of wonderful skills from measuring to counting money to smiling to serving the world."

For anyone interested in getting a cup of freshly brewed coffee or flavored coffee…it starts with a google doc.

"Teachers can fill that in if they want something or if they just want black coffee or something, they can just come down Friday morning when we do it," says Hill.

When asked about being a barista...

Jackson Dalrymple, Student at Enterprise High School, says "It was good. Coffee was good."

Brian Burns, Student at Enterprise High School, says "Doing it, it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of stuff."

Brian says a little bit of sugar goes a long way.

"No, no, no...Not a lot of sugar. Just a little bit," replies Burns.

Teachers in the special education department hope students will walk away with life-long skills.

"With doing something like this, they'll be able to obtain a job one day maybe in a coffee shop or just anything but being able to have those social skills and being able to work with the money can help them in the future," replied Hill.

"I love seeing the students talk to and interact with other teachers and faculty and staff. It's just very heart-warming and it makes me feel like a proud momma all over again," says Sexson.

The cafe has their hands full, offering six different flavors to those that purchase a cup every Friday.

Regular coffee is a dollar and flavored coffee cost two dollars.

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