New Track Talks

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Researchers came to present their findings on what locations would best suit the track and ultimately outlined how much each option would cost in this next step.

Researchers chose 4 potential sites - Doug Tew, Walton Park, Northcutt, and Rip Hewes.

"And what we did was hire a group to come in and to look at various spaces in the city of Dothan and off of recommendation to us that the track would work in these different locations," Dothan Leisure Services Director, Elton Jones said.

Schools emerging, space, and parking availability were some of the deciding factors in these decisions.

Renovations to these locations could cost anywhere from 4 to 14 million dollars, based on what hey decide is the best fit.

"There's a lot more work to be done, right now we just have rough estimates trying to absorb that information,looking at the big picture," District 4 Commissioner, John Ferguson said.

Each location has a different construction challenge. Some just need a track. Others, renovations to both the track and stadium.

So how long would it take to build based on these plans?

"Just depends if its just an independent track it could be anywhere from a year from start to finish. To take down the stadium, to include demolition, and adding everything it could take up to a year and a half," Jones said.

Dozens of people filled the Civic Center to support this new track facility. And commissioners agreed hat it would bring more attention and an economic boost to the City of Dothan.

"There are some neglected buildings, commercial buildings that are vacant, i think you'd see more investment like you've seen in other parts of town when you have a major catalyst come in. It'll be a tremendous boost to that part of town," Ferguson said.

Now it is up to the commissioners to review the findings and make a decision. We don't know their time table.

Researchers have been working on the possible track locations since November.

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