New law cracks down on littering

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(WTVY) — A new Alabama state law will be putting harsher penalties on people who litter.

This new law will bump littering from a class C to B misdemeanor and some say this is a good thing for the city of Dothan.

The law went into effect September 1st after being approved by the Alabama State Legislature during the last session.

The new class B misdemeanor means possible jail time up to 6 months, court fees, and fines up to $3,000.

It will also double the fines and include 100 hours of mandatory community service.

The term litter now includes plastic, cigarettes, cigars, rubber tires, and food containers and WTVY talked with one local who said this should stop the problem completely.

"It's a three thousand dollar fine and you could possibly receive jail time I mean it's going to stop people from throwing trash on the roads and you should see the roads looking a little clearer," a Dothan local,
Christopher Juwan Kincey said.

This new law will help protect against littering into rivers, lakes, and communities across the state. Fines issues will also be distributed to law enforcement and the state general fund to help educate the public about litter.

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