New Headland Police K-9

Published: Sep. 3, 2019 at 6:27 PM CDT
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The Headland police Department has received a new K-9 courtesy of the Animal Farm Foundation.

Animal Farm Foundation aims to save dogs who are supposed to be euthanized, and train them to be service dogs.

If dogs meet the criteria, they are send to Sector K-9 in Texas where they are trained to detect guns and various drugs.

K-9 Harlow was once on the euthanization list at an animal shelter in Georgia.

Now he is the newest member of the Headland Police Department's K-9 Unit. He works beside Officer Bethany Hicks as a School Resource Officer.

Officer Hicks says "He's very friendly and he loves to play, but when it comes to work he's ready to work."

Harlow will go around to different classrooms and lockers and sniff around for any illegal contraband.

"He can detect marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine," said Officer Hicks.

Hicks says Harlow sets a good example for those who get a second chance at life.

"No matter the hard times that you go through, you always have a second chance. And Harlow is living proof of that," she says.

Animal Farms Foundation saves police departments $20,000 by donating their dogs to their stations.