Air Force looking for recruits with grit

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — "Exceeding the limit is their limit."

That’s the motto of the US Air Force.

There is a new recruiting squadron in town and they want you to join.

Dustin Haygood is a senior at Slocomb High School.

He says, "I knew I wanted to join the military ever since I was small."

He's been weighing his options.

"I knew I wanted to be an Army man but getting older, I found out there were other branches out there."

One of them is the Air Force.

Technical Sergeant Drew Dyche says, "We like to talk to them, why are you interested in special operations or combat support?"

The Air Force offers several careers including combat control and explosives and requires new recruits go through 8 and a half weeks of basic training.

"It breaks you, but it is worth it."

Counselors at Slocomb High say they have a lot of students thinking about the military.

The problem, Dyche says is many who sign up for the Air Force don’t stick with it.

"We are looking for that person who has the mindset that they want to do something more than just for themselves. That they are strong mentally and have a no quit mentality."

Haygood has his eyes on the prize, because, it’s a family thing.

He says,
"My grandpa being in the Navy helped me because, it’s sorta in your blood."

If you want to join you can call 334-451-4158 or go to

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