NAACP plans rally in controversial murder trial

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Dothan (WTVY)-- NAACP members and supporters are planning to rally Monday in Dothan to protest the length of time—10 years-- it has taken to bring accused killer Kharon Davis to trial.

Kharon Davis is accused of shooting a man to death in 2007.

“We are asking those who believe in the Sixth Amendment and those that believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty to show up in large numbers to show your support for someone who has been denied the right to a speedy trial,” Alabama NAACP State President Bernard Simelton said Wednesday.

Davis—his trial is scheduled Monday--and two others were arrested in June, 2007 for the fatal shooting of Pete Reeves in what police describe as a “drug deal gone bad.”

Co-defendant Kevin McCloud pleaded guilty and received a 99-year prison sentence. Lorenzo Stacey was acquitted.

Davis, though, has sat in jail with his trial scheduled and postponed several times for various reasons and at the behest of both prosecutors and defense attorneys.

“To be in jail for ten years of your life and not be tried or convicted of a crime is an assault on the American people and on our justice system. Too much of this young man’s life has been taken from him already without a trial,” Simelton said in a written press release.

Despite speculation that a plea deal could be reached in Davis’ case, it now appears almost certain that he’ll be tried next week.

Prosecutors have not spoken publicly about the delays because they usually don’t comment on pending murder cases.