Mural City Coffee Company attracts national attention

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The Mural City Coffee Company is nearing their grand opening on Foster Street.

They are starting to attract some national attention.

Sprudge, a national coffee blog, has named Mural City a 'Build Out of the Summer'

The place is huge, and although it hasn't opened yet, it's hard not to notice all the work that the family has put into it.

The crew over at Mural City Coffee Company has been making their adjustments to the Carmichael building for the past year and a half, but the story actually starts on a busy Friday night 2 years ago.

"We actually found the place during Foster Fest one night when we just coming down South Foster,” said head roaster, Zach Swan. “We saw this building that was closed up, so we ended up taking a look at it and it was a huge open space and we decided it would be a perfect spot for a third space and a coffee shop and something that you can actually go to get away from home."

Zach parents are the new owners of Mural City Coffee Company.

They were all set to move down to Florida's Gulf Coast when inspiration struck.

"I think what we were looking for was a place to go where you could have things to do in the evening,” said shop owner, Darrin Swan. “This great building came available and we decided that if we can't find it where we want to find it, then maybe we can make it here in Dothan, Alabama so that's why we're here."

Mural City has gotten some national attention of late, particularly due to its large 10,000 square foot facility - making it one big coffee shop.

The historic Carmichael building comes complete with retractable garage doors and a mid-20th century lift.

The Swan family is hoping their new business venture will expand the coffee scene in Dothan.

"Being from a military background, you have travelled a lot, and you do see a bunch of cool coffee shops,” said Zach Swan. “Just getting your feet wet in that kind of stuff, you just want to bring it back here, back to Dothan and actually get Dothan involved in some of that."

The Mural City Coffee Company hasn't set a date yet, but they do plan on opening sometime in October.

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