Mother of frozen baby pleads guilty; trial ends abruptly

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Dothan, AL (WTVY)-- A woman charged in the death of her young son and of freezing his remains pleaded guilty midway through her trial.

Amanda Oakes leaves a Houston County courtroom after pleading guilty.

Amanda Oakes received two 99-year sentences, one 20 year sentence, and two ten year sentences.

Houston County Circuit Judge Todd Derrick will allow her to serve those sentences simultaneously. He did so at the request of prosecutors.

In return for her guilty pleas, Oakes agrees to testify against her former boyfriend, the baby's father, when he goes to trial next month.

“We believe evidence will show the child was in (Carlton Mathis') care and custody when he died,” Houston County District Attorney Pat Jones said.

Police claim Oakes and Mathis, on a meth binge, drove from Georgia to Dothan last year. Oakes then left her child with Mathis at a local hotel and returned home to purchase additional drugs.

During the trip, she also picked up her teenage daughter from a prior relationship.

After that, it is believed Mathis called Oakes to tell her their baby had died.

Oakes then provided her daughter marijuana because she became upset about her half-brother's death, police claim.

Prosecutors say, although her son had died, Oakes continued searching for more drugs in Georgia.

By the time she finally arrived back in Dothan, she realized her daughter had sent text messages to a friend, revealing the infant's death.

Fearful police would find them, Oakes and Mathis placed their child's remains in a garbage bag then put that bag in a freezer at the hotel.

With Oakes' daughter along, the couple headed to Florida where authorities captured them.

Oakes, on Wednesday, pleaded guilty to Manslaughter, Corpse Abuse, and Chemical Endangerment to a Child charges.

Her attorney, T.J. Haywood did not comment on the plea agreement.

Mathis is already serving sentences on crimes he committed in Florida during a standoff with police.