More families choose homeschooling as school year approaches

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ENTERPRISE, Al. (WTVY) Teachers and students will head back to the classroom in less than a month, but many families are choosing to home school this year.

Christine Short and her son Caleb have been homeschooling for 3 years.

They're a military family and she says homeschooling works for them because they travel a lot.

Christine says, "I know what he is learning and I like that and we can talk about stuff that may be controversial and I don't push anything on him, I'll let him form his own opinions."

HEART, Home Education and Responsible Teaching held a homeschooling expo in Enterprise Monday night, answering parent questions and helping talk them through the pros and cons of homeschooling.

Vice president Abby Ayers says it’s helpful because kids are able to think outside the box.

She says, "The beauty is, if your child isn't grasping something, let's say math, then we don't move on until the child grasps it."

Ayers says one con is the lack of social interaction but groups at the expo like Field Trips R Us can help get home school families together for learning.

Short says, "Having everyone in one place is great, I can go from booth to booth and learn what is best for my kid."

Ayers says, if you visit their Facebook page, HEART of the Wiregrass, you'll find details on moving forward if you want to home school your children.

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