Mom accused of putting infant's body in freezer faces another charge

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Dothan (WTVY)-- Things just got more complicated for Amanda Oakes, who dreamed of being home for Christmas despite facing charges related to her infant son's death.

Already accused of Corpse Abuse and Manslaughter, a Houston County grand jury this week added another charge ---Chemical Endangerment of a Child. The district attorney's office confirmed the latest charge.

Significant, because the baby died, is she could receive up to 99 years, stiffer punishment than the other two charges.

Investigators concede Oakes isn't a murderer but, instead, covered for Carlton James Mathis, her boyfriend and baby's father.

Mathis, with Oakes and their child in tow, came to Dothan in May because Georgia authorities sought him for violating parole.

Oakes briefly went back to Georgia and, when she returned to Dothan, found the baby, left in Mathis' care, dead.

Police say the corpse's stench became unbearable so Oakes placed it in a trash bag then stuffed it in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator at the hotel where they stayed.

Mathis, Oakes, and her teenage daughter then headed to Florida where deputies apprehended them in Bronson, a small town near Gainesville.

Attorney Tilden Jeffrey Haywood believes' Oakes drug addiction clouded her judgment and others agree.

In letters written to a Houston County judge, Oakes' relatives describe her as a good person lured into a bad, drug infested, lifestyle by Mathis.

Haywood hopes Oakes bond will be reduced and she will released from jail pending trial, noting she has successfully completed a drug treatment program.

Bond is currently set at $400,000 on Corpse Abuse and Manslaughter charges but court documents don't yet reveal a bond amount on the Chemical Endangerment charge.

A hearing on the bond reduction request is scheduled December 11.

Meanwhile, Mathis is awaiting trial on unrelated charges in Florida and will be returned to Dothan later to face murder charges.