Mom of frozen baby indicted for corpse abuse, manslaughter

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Dothan (WTVY)-- A woman police say placed her dead child in a freezer to mask its stench, is headed to trial. A Houston County Grand Jury indicted Amanda Oakes on Manslaughter and Corpse Abuse charges.

While investigators don’t believe Oakes, 36, killed her six-month-old son, they do think she helped her boyfriend and child’s father, Carlton Mathis, cover up his abuse of the child. Mathis faces murder charges.

Investigators say Mathis, on the run from Georgia authorities, and Oakes left the frozen body in a Dothan hotel room freezer and traveled to Florida where police arrested them.

A bond reduction hearing scheduled for Oakes Thursday was canceled because of her indictment. She remains jailed under $400,000 bond.

Mathis is jailed in Florida but will eventually return to Dothan to face charges.