Miracle on Foster Street has begun!

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - It's been an incredible day of giving right here, in front of WTVY studios.

From 6 o' clock this morning, hundreds started dropping off donations at our annual drive for the wiregrass food bank.

Around 6:09am, we received our first donation.

By 10:30am....

"Probably close to 2,000 pounds of food and a lot of cash donations" said Julie Gonzalez, Development Director of Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

So it’s safe to say, “we're off to a great start!"

The goal is one hundred thousand meals.

Seems like a lot, but here's the breakdown.

Gonzalez says, "The way that we calculate a meal is the statistical value formula which is 1.28 pounds of food. So what we do is we take the food to the food bank and we weigh it and see how many pounds of food we have and then we divide that by 1.28 in order to get that number"

So how many people can 100,000 meals feed?

"If you were to get help from one of our food pantries, you would get a box of groceries. It’s typically enough to provide three meals a day for a family of four for a week" said Julie.

But most importantly...

"What matters is that we're putting meals on the table for people who need them"

200 agencies from around the Wiregrass depend on the food bank to fill their food pantries.

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