Miniature horses will start trotting into official roles as service animals in Alabama

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DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) -- Starting Sept. 1 only two animals can be service animals in Alabama, dogs and miniature horses.

The law signed by Governor Kay Ivey institutes new penalties and guidelines for what can serve those with disabilities.

WAFF 48 met with two women who live and work miniature horses to see if the breed is up for the responsibility.

Kelly Peevy keeps 26 of the horses on her farm in Danville.

None of them are trained, but she said getting them accustomed to working humans comes naturally.

“So as you see what [a horse] did when we came out here it came straight up to us. It doesn’t take but a couple of weeks to take them from the wild mentality to the 'hey I like people' mentality,” she said.

In Priceville, handler Katie Beasley and her trained miniature horse “Gnomeo” provide therapy services.

They work through Therapy Partners, which offers various animals to show a little love to those in the community that need it.

Gnomeo is housebroken, potty trained and car ready.

While he isn’t trained to be a service animal, Beasley said the breed’s nature and size lends themselves to the role.

“They’re great for mobility assistance because their sturdier,” she said.

"The amount it takes to rattle them, is significant."

So if you see one of these guys on the job soon, don’t be afraid to say “hay.”

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