Mindel Moments from the High School Football Gridiron (AM)

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(WTVY) -- Noah Mindel counts down his favorite plays from the Week 1 of the High School Football season and dubs them, "Mindel Moments".

Play #5: Enterprise Wildcats running back Cincere Flowers lights up an imposing Dothan Tigers defender. Helmets fly as Flowers brings down the pass from his quarterback and holds on to it for the first down.

Play #4: Houston Academy defensive back Mitchell Armstrong intercepts Geneva County's Cole Worthy to keep the Bulldogs out of the end zone and off the scoreboard. The Raiders would score off a Mitchell Bess touchdown in the ensuing possession.

Play #3: Ashford Yellow Jackets Kick Returner Jonathan McCray turns on the burners on this 65 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Ashford would go on to beat the Rebels in overtime.

Play #2: Northview Cougars QB Nick McCarthy connects with TJ Ford who brings down the spectacular catch in the end zone for the first score of the game! Cougars would lose to Baldwin County.

Play #1: Houston County running back Trevell Smith slips past the Cottonwood Bears defenders and takes this run to the house for a 50 yard rushing touchdown. The Lions of HC would go on to win their first game since October 4, 2013.

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