Recent rains lead to increase in mosquito population

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — Recent heavy rains are raising concerns about mosquitoes.
The Mosquito Squad of the Wiregrass is taking note and shows us what to look for.

A mild winter gave the Mosquito Squad of the Wiregrass an early start...

David Davis, Owner of Mosquito Squad of the Wiregrass says:
"We got our first phone call January 2nd for mosquitoes and they've been quite rough this year."

The mosquito squad treats yards to beat these blood-suckers .
The hot and humid conditions have been prime for breeding.

Davis says:
"approximately 300 mosquitoes can be in a bottle cap of water."

Mosquito Squad owner David Davis says the number one thing for homeowners to watch out for is standing water.

"A lot of times it's out of the way just people aren't thinking about it, behind the shed and it's holding water and winds we've had quite a bit of winds. They can blow stuff around the tarps, the kiddie pools, the sandboxes anything like that that's going to hold water, it's going to breed mosquitoes especially tires."

You should avoid going outside when mosquitoes are swarming...

Doug Turnbull, Houston co. Public Health Environmental Supervisor says:
"Prime biting times are usually dusk and dawn for most mosquitoes although we have several that will bite anytime during the day.."

If you must be outside during prime biting time, wear light-colored clothes and long sleeves and invest in a mosquito repellent that contains deet.

The Alabama Department of Public Health offers a new checklist to help homeowners rid their property of mosquito-breeding grounds.
You can find more information here:

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