Mike Schmitz pays for 1,000 meals for DCS employees

This week, one thousand meals for DCS employees were paid for by school board chairman Mike...
This week, one thousand meals for DCS employees were paid for by school board chairman Mike Schmitz. (Source: WTVY)(WTVY News 4)
Published: Apr. 16, 2020 at 4:09 PM CDT
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The Coronavirus pandemic has closed businesses around the country but for the ones staying open, they depend on their communities support.

Retired and current Dothan City Schools employees had full hearts but even fuller stomachs this week.

"You know everyone is helping each other and that's the kind of community were in, I kept trying to think how can I help? We have such dedicated employees at Dothan City Schools and I know we like to eat and I say hey here's a way I could help a little bit," Mike Schmitz, DCS school board chairman said.

This week, one thousand meals for DCS employees were paid for by Mike Schmitz.

"Because it's a way he is showing that teachers are important to the community even though were not in the classroom, we are still actively doing our job. Like being online through google classroom or either delivering, home delivery of packets," Angie Trupia, teacher of the year/Dothan High School said.

Each day a different restaurant was chosen to provide 200 meals. A way the community can support local businesses during this crucial time.

"I mean the biggest thing for us is if it had not been for the local support that we've had from people coming in and continuing to visit even though we've had to change up some things we've done. But the local support has been great, absolutely wonderful. If not for that we would've be shutting our doors like everyone else," Jason DeVane, owner of Hots Deli said.

Giving back to those who are so important to the Wiregrass community.

"Obviously with everything going on with COVID-19, everyone is home bound or down and not getting out a lot. But to see people coming in, together in groups they haven't seen each other since this started so you see they talking and laughing and cutting up and its just a great feeling," DeVane said.

"Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts thank you. Because we have taken advantage of it a couple times this week and it's an opportunity to see other teachers. Talk to them and were missing the classroom just as much as other teachers are missing the classroom," Trupia said.

The last free lunch for retired and current DCS employees will take place April 17th at Rock and Roll Sushi.