Michael recovery efforts in Eastern Houston County

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HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala (WTVY) -- Some of the worst hit areas from Hurricane Michael in Houston County are small communities East of Dothan.

In Gordon, Columbia, and Ashford, nearly everyone is saying the same thing: it's like a war zone.

In Columbia, 14 year old Kennedy Nance was out in the town square trying to clear the streets; littered with shattered signs, parts of roofs, and dozens of trees.

Nance tells us, "It's basically destroyed, I'm coming through here and my home's in shambles. These streets are where I grew up...There is nothing new here, there ain't no rebuilding memories."

In Ashford, North Broadway Street was practically a ghost town with major damage to several homes and buildings.

Over in Gordon, city councilman, Robert Dollar says the hurricane knocked out nearly half of the town's power lines. It's all hands on deck to prevent other problems.

Dollar says, "We've got seniors and elderly people, and disabled people here, that's my main concern. And I was just notified we don't have any generators for our sewage pump, so that's going to become an issue if we don't get power to it as soon as possible."

Gordon resident, Stacta Smith said, "It's gonna take a large toll, because we have a lot of senior citizens, and people down here don't have transportation, and they don't have a way to heat food or anything."

It could be days before places like Gordon and Columbia could get power back to their towns, but the devastation is something many of them have never seen.

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