Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots add up to one billion dollars

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BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) - Two huge jackpots, more than one billion dollars!

Al Williams from Bluffton doesn't consider himself lucky, but he still plays every day in hopes of winning big to give back to others.

"I’d help a lot of people… and my family,” he said. “I’d make sure the kids went to college and help people who have medical issues. I think when it's this high there should be a lot of winners, instead of just one or two, spread the wealth!"

And the folks at Amoco Food Mart in Blakely, Georgia are feeling really lucky. The numbers keep going up and Vic Singh says the lines get longer and the parking lot gets more slammed when hundreds of millions are at stake.

"I don't play much, but when the number is this big, I’ll take a chance,” added Singh.

Gladys Cratic from Damascus is a cancer survivor, and because of that, she believes anything is possible, including winning the lottery.

"I’d take a trip over the United States, I’d visit every major city and definitely go to Las Vegas! Cratic laughed.

Good luck to everyone who is playing!

As of now, the Mega Millions is set at $450 million and the Powerball jackpot is at $570 million.

The Mega Millions numbers will be drawn Friday night and the wining Powerball numbers will be announced Saturday.

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