Mayor says Dothan's method for determining residency is legal

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — Dothan's process for determining if candidates live where they say they do is legal. That's what Mayor Mark Saliba says the Secretary of State's office determined.

Dothan's District 1 Commissioner Kevin Dorsey was recently accused at a city commission meeting by two people of living outside the district he represents.

Saliba promised to investigate and Thursday, he issued a statement saying Alabama's Secretary of State is satisfied with the methods Dothan's City Clerk uses for elections.

Saliba did not talk about where Dorsey lives.


Response from Mayor Mark Saliba Regarding Residency Allegations Against Commissioner Kevin Dorsey

"Recently, there have been allegations regarding the residency of Commissioner Kevin Dorsey. As the Mayor of Dothan, ensuring the legal, moral, and ethical integrity of our municipal elections is of utmost importance. That is why I asked the Secretary of State's office to examine our process for determining residency for candidates and ensure that we are fully complying with the law. The Secretary of State's office has informed me that they are legally satisfied with the methods our City Clerk uses for elections. In fact, our process meets or exceeds most municipalities in Alabama."

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