Marianna man in custody after authorities find his wife stabbed to death

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MARIANNA, Fla. (WTVY) - A man is in custody - after the Jackson County Sheriff's Office found his wife stabbed to death at her Marianna home.

The couple's three boys are left recovering after watching the brutal altercation.

From talking to neighbors, it sounds like the Dodgion household had been chaotic of late.

Liya, known to her neighbors as “Lily”, had gotten a restraining order against her husband just a few weeks ago.

Now, the boys will have to manage with both of their parents ripped out of their lives.

Early Sunday morning the Jackson County Sheriff's Office found 51-year-old Liya Dodgion dead at her house on Reddoch road in Marianna.

"The officers found an individual lying on the floor suffering from serious injuries,” said Jackson County Sheriff Lou Roberts. “At that time, the preliminary was that that person was deceased."

They also found her three sons, ages 11, 17 and 18 with mild injuries and their father, 68-year-old Michael Dodgion barricaded in the bathroom.

"The residence had front door that was a sliding glass door, and he used the vehicle he was driving, a pick-up truck to back it into the building, forcing the doorway open,” said Roberts.

According to neighbors, Michael Dodgion had put up an electric fence around the house and refused to let his family leave.

After two hours trying to talk him out of the bathroom, the Bay County Swat Team was able to get him out.

"He was subsequently injured as a result of the children trying to protect the mother from further injuries,” said Roberts.

Sheriff Roberts says Dodgion is still in a local hospital recovering.

The children are at an undisclosed safe place.

"I think the children did a very good job defending the mother and themselves,” said Roberts. “It's very sad that these children have lost both parents. The mother who is now deceased and the father who is being incarcerated for these crimes."

The children are currently staying with the eldest who is 18 and are being helped by child protective services.

The sheriff isn't aware of any other family in the area.

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