Marianna city officials look to buy old bank building

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MARIANNA, FL -- (WTVY) Marianna city officials are looking to breathe life back into a recently vacated building.
The SunTrust Bank building on Highway 90 closed about a month ago.

At last Tuesday's Marianna city council meeting, commissioners discussed the possibility of buying the building.

They said it could be used to house the administrative offices that are currently in City Hall.

Parking was a concern, but officials decided there was plenty of space on the back side of the building.

"We feel like it would meet our needs adequately if SunTrust was willing to sell the facility at an amount that makes us feasible to do," Marianna City Manager Jim Dean said.

Commissioners tasked Dean with negotiating a price on the building with SunTrust.

Officials said this will not affect the current plans to build a public safety and administrative complex near the current city hall.

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