Marianna animal shelter in need of volunteers

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MARIANNA, FL. (WTVY) - Despite the considerable amount of damage caused by Hurricane Michael, Partners for Pets in Marianna is still finding ways to care for animals in the community.

Debbie O'Quinn, Manager of Partners for Pets, says, "We need volunteers and we need people to start being responsible, taking care of dogs, spaying and neutering, just helping out a little bit."

O'Quinn says donations the shelter has received have not gone unnoticed.

"We actually had a guy come yesterday and he's coming with his dad Saturday. They're going to finish taking down the concrete, and they’re going to put a pole barn up for us," replied O’Quinn.

Robin Aydlette risked her own life to save the animals during the hurricane at this shelter.

She's been busy, with the help of others, re-building the shelter.

Aydlette said, "The tree that was crashing through, we got somebody with a crane to come and lift it. From there, me and Josh did about 50% of it and by the way people. We were using a socket wrench. That's all we did with a socket wrench!"

That wasn't the only help they've received.

Jayme Miller, Assistant Manager/Volunteer with Partners for Pets, said, "I came here volunteering just because I was new to the area and I love animals and I met this wonderful group of people. Ms. Debbie's fantastic and really. It's where my heart is."

Tucker Jackson, Kennel Tech/Volunteer with Partners for Pets, said, "I've always been an animal person and it kind of warms my heart to be able to help them. I really, honestly, want to see all of them get a good home."

Jackson believes every animal deserves a chance.

"That's what kind of upsets me is that nobody will come up here and give them a shot. If somebody will give them a shot, then they would honestly. They're all great dogs and cats as well," replied Jackson.

Now the community's help is needed even more.

"Everybody here is just doing it out of the kindness of their hearts and I really wish more people would do that because we need all the help we can get right now, especially after this hurricane," said Jackson.

As of right now, Partners for Pets has applied for grants to help them get back up and on their feet.

They recently received one from the Petco Corporation.

Partners for Pets currently have around 40 dogs and 20 cats.

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