Man in need receives free CPAP machine

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- "You can feel yourself kinda losing breath,” Dothan resident Clayton Paramore described sleeping without a CPAP device, “like you're out of breath and it wakes you up.”

However, when his old device gave out, he was unable to afford a new one.

"Right as the last place was telling me 'Oh well there's nothing we can do,' she looked at me and said 'Man, life is hard,' and I said yes ma'am it is, and I almost started crying."

The “she” Paramore was referring to was Lynette Hawthorne, who arrived at the same CPAP supply store.

"When I walked in, there he was, and he was telling his story about how he needed a CPAP and I listened to--I'm a nosy person-- I listened to it and so when they got through I asked them I said ‘Can I give him mine?’ because you know, I'm not using it,” Hawthorne said.

While these two Wiregrass residents found a happy ending, they realize there are others facing the same problems.

"There's this huge gap here, and it's people with insurance, It's people that have insurance that like me haven't met their deductible yet,” Paramore explained.

"I've talked to quite a few people since our story posted and they've told me that they have CPAPs at home, they just don't use them. They couldn't use them,” Hawthorne said.

While there are national organizations that take CPAP donations, there are none in the Dothan area, as Hawthorne found out.

"I wanted to donate it but they told me that paperwork or whatever it was that, you know, they didn't take them like that,” she said.

Luckily for Paramore, Hawthorne still had her device and was able to give it directly to him. An act of kindness he'll always remember.

"She's just a very kind, caring person, and I really thank her for what she's done," Paramore said.

Although as of right now there are no local organizations that accept or distribute CPAP donations, there are national resources online. However, you may have to pay shipping fees to either donate or receive them.

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