Man attempting to break world record on Panama City Beach's SkyWheel

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG) -- Months ago Jake "Paco" Navarro wanted to break the world record of longest marathon on a fairground/theme park attraction.

"At first I wanted to do this to promote the radio station cause we were a brand new station, promote the SkyWheel because the SkyWheel just opened up, then the hurricane hit and we made this more about community involvement," Navarro said.

Now Navarro is riding the SkyWheel for 53 hours to raise money for the Gulf Coast Children's Advocacy Center.

"Not only are we raising money for the Advocacy Center here, but we're collecting toys for the Children's Center in Tallahassee," Navarro said.

But it's not easy to just go for the record.

"This was a 12-week process to just get the application approved from Guinness and then there's about a booklet that's about that thick of rules, evidence guidelines, regulations," Navarro said.

And the lifestyle choices can be a challenge.

"The big question that everyone's been asking me is how I go to the restroom. One five minute break an hour, inside the gondola with me I have a cooler, I've got some snacks I've got a little desk set up where I can prop my laptop, I've got a phone charger," Navarro said.

Also, activities will make their way to him.

"I've got guests coming in, we're gonna do yoga in the morning, I've got the barbershop coming in, they're gonna wax my eyebrows and nose hairs," Navarro said.

But don't forget it's all for a good cause!

If you want to donate to the Children's Advocacy Center, you can ride the SkyWheel with Navarro for $25. A portion of the proceeds from SkyWheel this week will also go to the Advocacy Center and hurricane relief efforts.

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