Malvern citizens concerned about dirt road flooding

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Joyce Messick says sometimes dirt roads turn into streams.

“For months we’ve had issues with our roads being poorly maintained,” said Messick.

Messick and her Malvern neighbors says the town’s dirt roads flood during heavy rains.

“There’s times it’s impassable,” said Messick.

She says the city took over grading the roads 4 years ago, but maintenance is spotty.

Main Street, Scott Road and Firecracker Road are especially hard hit. Flooding has created tons of travel issues.

“We’ve had a school bus go off in the gully and turned on its side,” said Messick.

“I have two children in school and I won’t even put them on the bus because I’m afraid to,” said fellow Malvern resident Jessica Lee.

Some drivers have even suffered front end vehicle damage.

“When we have a thunderstorm or it rains hard, our church members start calling me during the day asking if we’re going to be able to have church because the rain messes up our roads,” said Wendy Grantham, another resident who pastors Malvern New Life Church.

About 65 Malvern residents so far have signed a petition demanding the roads be fixed.

Messick and others will meet with the Town Council next week.

“All we ask is for our roads to be safe,” said Messick.

They hope the town puts their tax dollars to work – better maintaining or even paving – their dirt roads.

Attempts to reach Malvern officials were unsuccessful. But, the Town Council will hold a meeting next Tuesday evening. It will begin at 6:00pm at the Malvern Senior Citizens Center.

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