Malone, Florida still reeling from Hurricane Michael

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 4:54 PM CDT
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It's been 16 days since Hurricane Michael hit and some communities are just now starting to get power back.

Malone, Florida went through the western portion of the eye-wall.

Businesses there are still suffering and Thursday's rain didn't help either.

Auto Value Parts, sustained major water damage since most of the roof is missing.

"The roads when you go weren't recognizable anymore because of all the trees and the power lines down," said Hurricane Victim Cliff Goines. "I tell you it's just hard to explain how things were."

The Malone School District is hoping to regain power over the weekend.

After that, classes can get started again.

Also, because of the extensive damage in Malone, the National Guard has been deployed in the city.

Thursday alone the city helped bring supplies to over 350 cars.

The supplies are being brought in from Dothan and all over the panhandle.

"The first couple nights it was just me and the volunteer firemen," said Malone Mayor Gene Wright. "We slept in the office of city hall for about three or four days. Probably on the fifth day the state troopers and National Guard came and have been here ever since. They've been a tremendous help also."

The National Guard from Fort Pierce has been helping for two weeks.

Another team was being swapped out Friday, and they'll be there for another two weeks.