Local woman almost scammed out of $2,000

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Be careful who you trust, a local woman is warning others not to fall for a Facebook scam.

Patricia Jones had no idea when she was talking to her friend on Facebook that it wasn’t really her friend.

She says,
"They talk back and forth like they really know you."

Someone had cloned her friend's profile and asked Pat if she had heard of a new government program to help retired people and the messenger even showed Pat that her name was on the list.

All she had to do was send $1000 to get $100,000.

Pat says, "I trusted them."

She says she prayed asking if it was really true and then came to the Northside Walmart to send the money.

She sent $2,000 in the hopes of getting $200,000 but luckily a Walmart associate had her back.

Before she'd left the store, they told her they'd seen others get scammed sending money to this address and she needed to go ask for a refund before it processed.

That's when she knew she'd been fooled but timing was everything and she got her money back.

Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza says there are several scams making the rounds.

He says, “If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. If you have questions, just call us and let us look at it."

And Pat just wants others to watch out.

Walmart says they have a team dedicated to looking out for different types of scams.

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