Local teens get down and dirty at the National Peanut Festival

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - Every year…this is one of the national peanut festival's most anticipated events.

Carrie Cavender, Office Manager at National Peanut Festival, says "You have 4H and FFA kids that are ages 14-17. They chase the pigs and they chase the calves. They have a choice, they can't do both."

Responsibility comes with winning the competition.

"They have to take the calf home and raise it for an entire year and bring it back the next year to show. They're eligible for a $5,000 scholarship- the person who does the best job in taking care of their animal for the year," says Cavender.

For Cole Saunders…this will be something new.

"First time for everything!" replied Saunders.

Saunders says he didn't have a strategy upon entering the ring.

Cole Saunders, Geneva County High School, says "Well at first, I was just going to let them run around and try to grab one. But then, I got ran over about four or five times and I knew that wasn't going to work. So, then I just tried to run up behind one and I jumped on top of one of their backs. It worked out in the long run."

Oh but don't be fooled…Saunders worked hard to catch his calf.

"I'm tired, very tired. It was fun though, I enjoyed it!" said Saunders.

The next big event at the festival is the Tamela Mann concert. It will be held on Tuesday night at 7:30PM.

Tuesday is also ALFA Members day. Gates will open at 4:30PM.

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