Local shoppers call for more security at businesses

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) The mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart left 22 people dead and another 24 injured.

The tragic event has some shoppers concerned for their safety while they are out and about.

“Nervous. Very nervous. Especially in certain areas," said shopper Desa Corridori.

“I mean I’d like to feel pretty safe because I’ve never had anything happen to me, but these days, nowadays, anything can happen," shopper Nathan Cawley said.

Some shopping centers are enlisting some extra help by hiring off-duty police officers to guard their business.

“Whether it be extra security or just a presence by police at your business, basically we’ll send them out however many they need," said Dothan Police Department Lieutenant Maurice Eggleston.

Extra police presence makes several feel safer, and it can also send a message.

“It gives the people of the city a sense of safety that there’s an officer there," Eggleston said, "it tells our bad guys it’s something they need to think about. It helps them to kind of re-think what it is their plan was for that particular day.”

Some would feel more secure with the extra measure.

“If there’s somebody trained there and they have a weapon or anything like that it would definitely make me feel more safe," said shopper Aidan Armstrong, "if I had a family or something like that, if I wasn’t trained myself and having someone trained there that was it would definitely make me feel better.”

Others feel there are other solutions businesses could consider.

“We need metal detectors to go into businesses, however, we have
open carry so, legally a person can walk in with a gun and they can’t say anything about it. It all depends on who’s going to use it in the store and who’s not," Corridori said.

Ultimately, it comes down to customer safety.

“If there’s a situation that arises that calls for them to have those extra officers there then I’m quite sure that those businesses will keep their patrons in mind when it comes to things like that," said Eggleston.