Local pharmacies facing a shortage of Tamiflu

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Flu sufferers may have a hard time getting their Tamiflu prescriptions filled in Dothan.

Some pharmacies are out of stock while others are struggling with low stock of the flu medicine and its generic version. Although the Wiregrass is seeing a higher number of flu cases than in years past, Tamiflu shortages aren’t new.

Amanda Knight works at Mike’s Southside Pharmacy.

“Any year that we have a really high demand or a really high flu season, this tends to happen just because it’s incredibly hard to predict the demand,” she says. “I’ve actually had two or three cases today [Tuesday] where another pharmacy called looking specifically for the suspension for the kids.”

The flu is so widespread in Alabama that Gov. Kay Ivey recently declared a state of emergency.

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