Local businesses honoring first responders on 9/11

ASHFORD, Ala. (WTVY) -- After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many wanted to do more to show their support for first responders including some in the Wiregrass.

Several local businesses spent 9/11 honoring first responders with free meals.

Houston County Sheriff's Investigator Samantha Floyd said, "It's about the men and women that lost their lives 17 years ago and it's an honor to follow in their footsteps to do what I love to do every day."

9/11 is a day we remember our heroes, not only the ones that lost their lives during 9/11 but the ones that suit up every day and fight for us in our county.

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson said, “Where everybody takes the time to honor our profession of first responders law enforcement, EMT, firefighters it's great to be a part of that."

Chamber of Commerce President Kimberly Vann said, "This helps boost morale and the ability to want to serve. Sometimes when you volunteer you get burnt out because nobody really sees you but, this helps them recognize that we see them and we know what they do."

Through the years, first responders built a bond with one another, a bond that they hope is strong enough to prevent another tragedy to ever happen again.

Combat Veteran Association member Christopher Miller said, "Everybody has stepped up their game they have come together to respond a lot better be more associated with each other and how each other work so that we can bond over what happened over 911 and improve our systems.

Which is why the City of Ashford and Ozark knew they had to give back, although free lunch may seem like a small gesture.

It was one that went a long way for many first responders.

Fuqua Bankston Funeral home Director John Cawley and Gail Bankston said, "They've all expressed the deepest gratitude of how we were able to provide a meal today and serve them give back to them instead of them giving to us."

Owner of David Pizza said David Comparin said, “It makes your day and even if you're having a bad day it makes you feel like wow people actually appreciate it."

Johnny B Smokin served dinner until 8 pm.

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