Local barber shop gives free back-to-school haircuts

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - You know the saying- ‘if you look good, you feel even better.’

That’s why one local barber shop is doing its part to make sure Dothan students return to school feeling confident about their appearance.

Lenie Robinson, Co- Owner of New Vision Barber Shop, says “God had blessed me a long time ago to try to give back to my neighborhood…it’s the east side of town…so, I thought about it and said “well God, I don’t have any money.”

Knowing he couldn’t do it alone…Lenie asked for help.

“Mark Saliba said he’d help me and S&W car service… he jumped on board, a-a lot with other people like Commissioner Flemings that go to my church,” says Robinson.

Picking up clippers or a pair of scissors is nothing new for Lenie.

“I’ve been a barber for fifteen years. I started from the ground up… I lost my job, I didn’t know how to make ends meet…and you know it runs in my family…cosmetology, barbers…” replied Robinson.

Not only is New Vision giving away free haircuts to students…they’re also giving kids in the community school supplies.

Brian Barrett, Owner of New Vision Barber Shop, says “We just want to do something good for the community, and for other people that are not in the community…we still just want to look out for them from the North, South, East, and West.”

New Vision hopes to continue to host the back-to-school bash every year.

“We love them. We are a giving shop. We don’t mind giving them some work, teaching them about what’s out there. We don’t want them to get involved with other things. We are open to them…all they have to do is ask questions and we’ll give them good answers,” says Barrett.

“My mother was a single parent and so I knew how hard it is and it’s hard for her if the bill is $600-$700…I understood what it is to give back. I wasn’t looking for the money because I already got plenty of money through God and he takes care of all my finances,” says Robinson.

New Vision will also be having a cookout for the community to come and enjoy on Monday, August 6th.

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