Local Pastor fights for inmates voting rights

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A local pastor and community activist continues his push for some jail inmates to have the right to vote.

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow handed voter registration cards to the Dothan City Jail Administrator Tuesday, Glasgow has been rallying for the voting rights of some inmates for 12 years now.

He says: "In 2008 I won a lawsuit that states that people who are incarcerated that have crimes not involving moral turpitude are able to vote."

In other words, state law says most people with misdemeanor convictions can vote in Alabama, even if they are in jail at the time of the election,

But Glasgow says some city and county jails do not always allow inmates to vote.

He says Dothan's city jail actually does a good job of informing inmates they can register to vote, but some don't agree all inmates should have that right.

Jennifer from Dothan commented on our Facebook page saying quote: “Whatever happened to ‘when you do something to violate someone's rights, you lose your rights.’"

Many people in jail have never been convicted of a crime, and are in local facilities awaiting a trial or court hearing.

Glasgow says up to 100,000 people in Alabama jails could legally vote, and don't know it.

Glasgow is not talking about prisons where felons are doing time, those convicted of certain felony offenses such as murder and rape will never be able to vote.

Pastor Glasgow says he’s not just fighting for voting rights in Alabama, But also Georgia and Florida.

He plans to start a tour of jails tomorrow.

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