Local celebrity gives back to the community.

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- While Kelsey Barnard Clark was busy winning Bravo's TV show Top Chef back in March, she was also using her success as a way to give back to her community.

Photo Credit: Smallz & Raskind/Bravo Media

During a watch party at her Dothan restaurant, KBC, Kelsey raised $3,000 for the Dothan Animal Shelter, which she presented to them on Friday.

Clark says the animals aren't the only reason she decided to raise money.

"I love dogs, and I got to know Renee a few years ago and she's just really passionate and does a great job with the shelter and so that's really where it all started is kinda just seeing what she does here and how much of an impact she makes with even the smallest donations,” Clark said.

The Dothan Animal Shelter says the money will go towards heartworm medication for a recent influx of puppies dropped off at the shelter.

You can always make a donation to the shelter if you're eating at KBC, there's a jar at the register.

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