LifeSouth Needs Your Help

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Florida blood banks may be forced to close due to Hurricane Dorian.

LifeSouth serves hospitals in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The non-profit collects blood and sends it to local hospitals.

With Hurricane Dorian threatening the coast of Florida, some of their local centers may not be able to hold blood drives.

LifeSouth of Alabama is asking its residents to donate so that they may send blood to Florida in their time of need.

Donor services team leader, Hope Groomes says although the organization is collecting blood for Florida, Alabama needs blood as well.

“We do supply our local hospitals with the blood that they need. And right now we’re trying to help Florida prepare for the hurricane. We do have a region in Florida that is probably going to have to shut down because of the hurricane, so we’re hoping that we can collect enough blood to supply our hospitals as well as help them supply theirs," says Groomes.

LifeSouth will be around the Wiregrass the rest of this week collecting blood donations.

9/3: 1-6pm @ Walgreens of Montgomery Highway
9/4: 11am-6pm @ Taziki's of Dothan
9/5: 9am-1pm @ Ozark Wells Fargo
9/6: 10am-6pm @ Walmart of Ozark
9/7: 10am-6pm @ Walmart of Dothan, Montgomery Highway
9/8: 8am-5pm @ Fort Rucker

For a full list of locations and times to donate you can visit

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