Leader of "Ninja Turtles Live Action Show" speaks after local concern

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were supposedly making their way from the big screen to the small stage in Panama City, but right now, there seems to be a big problem.

The venue, the Martin Theater, says the contract was never submitted by the company, Jam Entertainment Live, so the event is not happening.

Jam Entertainment Live’s owner, Mark Anthony says that’s not true.

“I’ve been in communication with them. I have a contract here, that I can simply sign and send back,” Anthony said.

Anthony says a disgruntled employee took over his Facebook page and canceled all of the events across the country.

It was the same story Hannah Reinhardt heard. She bought her tickets back in August.

“Somebody had asked [on Facebook], had posted a comment asking what happened and somebody else had made a comment that the person who was in charge of the event was a scammer,” Reinhardt said.

It’s a charge Anthony denies.

“We’re totally against any form of illegal activity of any form. For me to steal money from anybody would be absurd,” he said.

Tickets for the Panama City show were purchased on Ticketor, a website that allows anyone to get a ticketing and box office website in minutes.

Martin Theater only uses a vendor called Vendini.

With over a month until the show’s November 2 date, Anthony is confident it will happen.

“It’s not going to be canceled,” Anthony said. “We plan on doing the show. Unless something happens that's out of our control; if something happens, we definitely will refund everyone, it’s not a problem.”

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