Lawsuit against Former Gov. Robert Bentley dismissed

Source: MGN
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ALABAMA -- (WTVY) A Montgomery judge on Wednesday granted the request of former Gov. Robert Bentley's former security chief, Wendall Ray Lewis, to dismiss what remained of a lawsuit that Lewis filed against Bentley and others last year.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Truman Hobbs dismissed the case one day after Lewis made the request.

Hobbs had already dismissed much of the case on April 11, the day after Bentley resigned from office, and had granted Bentley's request to be dismissed as a defendant.

"Ray believed it was time to put that chapter behind him. We moved the court yesterday to dismiss remaining defendants and remaining claims," Lewis' attorney John Saxon said, according to WSFA.

A remaining claim concerned whether Bentley's former political adviser, Rebekah Mason, interfered with the efforts of Lewis to get a job after he retired from his state job.

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