Lawmaker: Governor Bentley likely gone in few weeks

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Montgomery (WTVY)- A lawmaker first to propose impeachment believes Alabama Governor Robert Bentley won’t be in office come mid-April.

Rep. Ed Henry (R-Hartselle) speaks with reporters about impeachment in this March 14, 2017 photo.

Rep. Ed Henry said Tuesday that, if the House acts on Articles of Impeachment, Bentley will be suspended pending the outcome of a Senate trail. However, he said there is speculation that Bentley, to avoid impeachment, will resign no later than next month.

That’s when Henry suspects criminal allegations against Bentley will be brought by the Alabama Ethics Commission. Several lawmakers say they agree the governor will leave office but Henry made his comments on the record.

“From what I’m hearing I would expect by mid-April that the governor either will have resigned or the impeachment committee will be moving at a very rapid pace,” Henry said.

It's approaching a year since complaints were filed with the Alabama Ethics Commission concerning the governor’s alleged romantic relationship with former political adviser Rebekah Mason.

Henry, a Republican, said he is unaware of negotiations between members of the legislature and Bentley’s office seeking a resolution though he doesn’t rule out talks between investigators and the governor who is also a Republican.

It’s not known if a deal might be offered to the governor in exchange for his resignation.

Most believe Bentley is being investigated simultaneously by three government entities----the attorney general’s office, impeachment committee, and Ethics Commission.

At issue is whether he misused state resources or violated campaign finance law. The case is not believed confined to Bentley’s relationship with Mason.

An email seeking comment from the governor’s office has not been answered.