Law enforcement work to better secure the Elba Courthouse

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ELBA, Al. (WTVY) — One of law enforcement's main jobs is making sure everyone is safe.

That's why the Coffee County Sheriff's Office is taking steps to make sure the Elba Courthouse is more secure.

Elba is a town with around 4000 people; the courthouse was built in the 1800's.

There are four entrances but that will change.

Coffee County Sherriff Dave Sutton is working to make the Davis Street entrance the only one.

Sutton says,
"Society has changed; it isn’t like it used to be. People want to carry guns and knives, the courthouse isn’t the place for it because sometimes tempers go up inside a courthouse."

You can go out the other doors but this is the only one you can come in.

There is going to be a metal detector right as you walk in, making sure nothing gets in that doesn’t need to be.

Chief Deputy RW Whitworth says, "When you come do business in the court house, you want to feel protected and that is what this is for."

James Counts is the Coffee County Circuit Clerk:
"It makes us feel safer, in every case you will have one side that is upset. So, we have to deal with these people."

The security upgrades should be completed in about a month.

Sutton says, "It is my responsibility as the sheriff to make sure that the safety of these places are in place."

The courthouse is on the national register of historical places, and is also going through a makeover, getting new carpet and paint.

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