Law Enforcement Officers get certified in crisis intervention

Published: Sep. 13, 2019 at 5:03 PM CDT
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A big day for law enforcement officers in the City of Dothan and Houston County, in their fight against mental illness.

They are now graduates of crisis intervention training.

The training helps them assess a situation and determine whether a person's actions were caused by mental illness.

Officers will be able to get that person help right on the spot, and if they have to arrest someone, officers will know which section of the jail to hold them.

Houston is the only county in the state offering such training, right now, but Sgt. Robert Hopkins of the Houston County School Resources Division, said all law enforcement agents should have it.

"To know that us going to a situation be it caustic, be it volatile or anything like that. We do have more training, that we are taught to observe a little bit more, to see what might be going on other than that criminalistic activity," Sgt. Hopkins said.

Eighteen officers graduated from the program on Friday.

In 2017, five officers graduated from the 4-day course.

And because of the growing mental health crisis, more sessions are expected in the future.

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