Landmark Park provides Birds of Prey outreach program

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- When the kids can't make it out to Landmark Park... Landmark Park comes to them.

Kids in the McRae Housing Community got to meet David the hawk on Monday afternoon.

Monday children gathered at the McCray Homes Community Center, where Jatin Patel was waiting with a special guest: a hawk named David.

Kids got to meet Jatin and his hawk as part of a community outreach program that Landmark Park provides every Monday afternoon. This week's program was "Birds of Prey"

The kids learned various topics about hawks, including their anatomy, how they hunt, and how they sleep.

After the presentation, the kids were able to come up to meet the hawk and pet it if they liked to.

Being able to provide kids an experience like this is what it's all about for Jatin Patel, and the rest of Landmark Park.

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