Landmark Park features Great Horned Owls during "Animal Adventures"

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 6:37 PM CDT
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Some young explorers got a chance to meet a couple of special animals at Landmark Park on Friday.

Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary presented two Great Horned Owls to a crowd of kids and parents.

One of the owls, Alley-Oop, was brought to Big Bend two years ago after someone found her following a storm.

She has trouble flying because of a birth defect in her wing, so the wildlife sanctuary obtained a special permit to keep her.

"We helped raised her with two other Great Horned Owls that came in about the same time,” said sanctuary volunteer, Cheryl Hyde.

“We were able to re-release them back out into the wild, which is what we do at Big Bend," Hyde said.

Tortoises were originally scheduled to be featured at Landmark Park on Friday, but they weren't feeling well.

The owls were a welcomed surprise.

Every Friday in June and July, Landmark Park features a different creature as part of its "Animal Adventures" program.

Snakes and reptiles will be the guests on June 14th.

Alligators will be there on June 21st.

You can catch chickens at the park on June 28th, followed by Dog Training Basics on July 5th.

Fantastic fish will be swimming at Landmark on July 12th, then birds of prey on July 19th.

The “Animal Adventures” program wraps on July 22nd with amphibians.

For more information on the program and pricing, visit