Kountry Kennel owner speaks out

A northeastern Iowa man has been found guilty of torturing the family dog. (MGN)
A northeastern Iowa man has been found guilty of torturing the family dog. (MGN)(KWQC)
Published: Aug. 16, 2019 at 5:10 PM CDT
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A woman who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges speaks out.

Donna Lindgren, the owner of Kountry Kennel in Enterprise, says there are two sides to every story and now that the court drama is over she wants to share what she calls her truth.

“I am definitely not guilty. I would never hurt anyone's dog ever,” says Lindgren.

But she did plead guilty to the animal cruelty charge.

The charge came resulted from a complaint by Aubrey Held.

Aubrey Held boarded two dogs at Kountry Kennel. Soon after she picked them up one died and the other required vet care.

She says Lindgren was responsible.

“It was a deal. It was not just a guilty... it was a deal that was made out worked out just so it could be over and done,” says Lindgren.

Lindgren says she took the deal so the harassment and threats would stop.

“Mentally, emotionally, financially it has destroyed me,” she says.

After the court decision Held told me she is relieved.

"I’m just happy all of this is over. And I think donna got what she deserved, and she's never going to kill another dog. And my dog died but so many other dogs lived," says Held.

Kountry Kennel shut down May 31st.

Lindgren claims she's the one that made that decision.

“I voluntarily closed it because if anybody thinks that I could harm anybody's dog then I don't want to be in that kind of business,” says Lindgren.

As for Helds’ dog Kennedy that died Lindgren says it had problems.

As for the autopsy…

“Inclusive...don't know. Have no idea what the cause of death is,” says Lindgren.

As part of her guilty plea, she must pay restitution to the Helds which she says is unfair.

There was a go fund me account that raised over $2,500 and then I was ordered to pay $471 for vet bills.

The loss of Kennedy has changed the Helds home.

“My baby is now six months old and she will never get to play with Kennedy so every day it’s a reminder,” says Held.

Lindgren tells us she was sorry about the passing of the dog, but last year one of her sons lose his fight with cancer.

The judge gave Lindgren one year unsupervised probation and a six month suspended jail sentence.

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