Jail dining hall dedicated to former correctional officer

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JACKSON COUNTY, FL --(WTVY) A former correctional officer was honored Monday for his years of service at the Jackson County Correctional Facility.
Community leaders and members gathered for the Morris Ray Pope Memorial Dedication program.

Pope died in 2008, but those at the correctional facility wanted to honor him for his years of service.

Chief of Corrections Mark Foreman wanted to dedicate the staff dining hall to a correctional officer.

When Foreman asked his staff who he should choose, they unanimously said Morris Ray Pope.

"To have the facility here in Jackson County, the Correctional Facility named after him, it's just a wonderful aspect that really perpetuates his life and what he has done and how he has helped the community," Pope's widow, Lavon Pope said.

"Working in corrections is a very difficult field, a very high stress level, and I believe that correctional officers should be recognized for their accomplishments and the difficult work that they do on a daily basis," Foreman said.

Following the ceremony, Pope's widow led the official ribbon cutting.

Attendees then enjoyed a meal in the newly dedicated Morris Ray Pope Dining Hall.

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